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Training and Business Services in Audio, Video, Multimedia, Broadcasting, Website design and graphics.

You are invited to Join the Campaign to generate users for the Media Arts Center. Your church, business or organization will make $1,500 to $5,000 every month for referring fifty (50) organizations to use the center (plus three media or business services per month).

Organizations Register here. Young Adults age 18-to 25 Register Here.

500 local organizations and projects will be awarded $1,500 for using and promoting the services of the Media Arts Center.

The services of the academy will provide affordable and accessible facilities, administrative, multimedia,  audio-visual, marketing and funding services while providing jobs, careers and training for our local students, churches and organizations.

You are invited to use the Multimedia Center as a funding and media source for your church, Business or nonprofit project.

As a member your church will receive funding of $1,500 every month, for every 50 members that you encourage to use the new media center.

YOUR STARTUP OPTIONS – To receive your Funding site user:

1.Your organization pay the one-time $500 Membership (this pays to setup your website and online services to electronically work with the networks for payment and promotions to acquire your 50 referrals needed for your funding.

2.Your Church signup 50 members to use the center.

3.Refer five young adults to work with the Center's Young Entrepreneur's Network.

Ten thousand dollars will be available after January 1, 2021 for referring 200 organizations and businesses to use the Academy’s site (all promotional tools are provided to you).

All services and funding are based on group purchasing. Your use of the Academy along with the other organizations, allow the network to purchase services and products from various corporate companies in-bulk who in-turn provides funding for these services because of our contractual commitment to purchase exclusively from their company.

This is money you are already spending. Simply put, when we spend together, we get more in return. If you have a multimedia service provider that you are satisfied-with, You still can use Your current vendors or businesses. You will simply pay them through the Center’s payment gateway.

The Center Needs 500 users to qualify for funding. The funding is for the community. You find the users you get the funding. The Center Receives $500,000 for every 500 Users. The

Center electronically distributes it to the members and center users.

Our Goal One Million website users. Accomplishing this goal will allow the network to fund 3,000 organizations in the Coastal North & South Carolina Regions with $10,000 per month each.

To Provoke Great Minds, In Great Kids

The World Leaders Media Arts Academy will allow each student to work with various projects that will expose their natural gifts and talents. Once the student has discovered his/her natural gift the program will give them real projects to work-on that will motivate them to strive harder to accomplish their goals. Their assignments will develop a passion in them for a specific field and the program will provide the resources for their next level.

Our desire is to give these students the opportunity to take ownership of their projects. Students will have the opportunity to work on projects that will produce results that will change lives, organizations and entire communities.

Studio Training Center


- Cost: Free to students

- Location: Greater Dimensions Living Word Restoration Center

- Attendance: Three days per week

- Time: Based on projects Mon, Wed & Saturday


Additional $1,000 to $10,000 Funding Streams (see plan)

Funding Source for projects, startups & expansions.

Work, Meeting, Rehearsal and Event Space and Facilities

Business Plans, Grants & Presentations

Social Media Marketing, Websites & Mobile Apps

Graphics, Cards, Brochures, logos, T-shirts, etc.

Radio, TV & Online: Broadcasts, Commercials & Promotions

Sound, Video, Projection, Screens and Training

**Free Video Documentary when joining for $300 or more**

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