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Training and Business Services in Audio, Video, Multmedia, Broadcasting, Website design and graphics.

To Provoke Great Minds, In Great Kids

The World Leaders Media Arts Academy will allow each student to work with various projects that will expose their natural gifts and talents. Once the student has discovered his/her natural gift the program will give them real projects to work-on that will motivate them to strive harder to accomplish their goals. Their assignments will develop a passion in them for a specific field and the program will provide the resources for their next level.

Our desire is to give these students the opportunity to take ownership of their projects. Students will have the opportunity to work on projects that will produce results that will change lives, organizations and entire communities.

Studio Training Center


- Cost: Free to students

- Location: Greater Dimensions Living Word Restoration Center

- Attendance: Three days per week

- Time: Based on projects Mon, Wed & Saturday

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Greater Dimension Living Word Restoration Center

Phone: (843) 564-8548


7066 Hwy 90 Unit B

Longs, SC 29568

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